Assignment 1, Spring 2015

Choose one artist from the list below for your first Black Book assignment.
Directions are posted on a page to the right.

1. Michelangelo
Sistine Chapel Ceiling, carving figures out of paint.
Image result for sistine chapel    Image result for sistine chapel

2. Thomas Cole
Hudson River School of Painting
Image result for thomas cole

3. Robert Rauschenberg
Mixed media.
Image result for robert rauschenberg     Image result for robert rauschenberg   Image result for robert rauschenberg

4. Picasso, Magritte or Mondrian
Three artists of the 20th century.
Image result for picasso, neoclassical   Image result for magritte   Image result for early mondrian

5. Amedeo Modigliani
Image result for modigliani   Image result for modigliani