Welcome to Summer 9–Day Painting Intensive

Hello Everyone and welcome to Summer Painting.

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We are going to have a wonderful painting experience.

Welcome to our grand adventure in painting! I am looking forward to our time together as we delve into an intense and invigorating nine days. This course is an immersion course, a holistic, experiential painting marathon, that will take place in the beautiful VA17 studio. The studio is located at the back of campus and is  surrounded by trees, birds and sunshine (hopefully).  Please relax and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the experience.
Each day I will give a topic and instruction at 9:00. Be open and willing to explore various methods, mediums, scale, and subject matter. Each day you will create one painting. Yes, you will spend nine days creating eight paintings. (The last day is critique and celebration.)

The course runs for nine consecutive days, 9:00 – 4:30, starting Saturday, June 13 and ends Sunday June 21. We will be visiting the Portland Art Museum on Wednesday, June 17. 
9:00 Morning session begins
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 -4:00 Afternoon session and critique
4:00 Clean up
4:30 Class ends

I have attached the supply list. Saturday, June 13, will be shortened (9:00 – 2:00) so that students have an opportunity to purchase supplies if necessary. If it is possible for you to purchase supplies before the first class I suggest the following stores:
Michaels, Craft Warehouse, Columbia Art Supplies, Blick Art Supplies, I've Been Framed.
Supplies will be provided for the first day.

More information will be coming your way. Stay tuned...
Lori Lorion, MFA
Painting Instructor