Assignment 5, Spring 2015

Posted below is a great, classic, video in five parts.  Entertaining and opinionated, Robert Hughes gives you a spirited interpretation of late twentieth century art. He was one of the most famous and controversial art critics of the twentieth century.

Black Books are due this week and are not accepted late (assignments 1-5).
Section 01, Wednesday, April 29.
Section 02, Thursday, April 30.
Section 04, Friday, May 01.

1 and 2. Understanding Post-World War II Art. This is an important video to watch if you want to understand this very critical period in art history. (the passionate)

Part 1 American Visions 
Part 2  American Visions

3. Twentieth Century symbolism in the United States. This video helps you to understand Modernism during the Cold War. (the symbolic)
Jasper Johns
Joseph Cornell
Robert Rauschenberg

Part 3 American Visions

4. The 60's, Harlem Renaissance, African American art (influence of Jazz) and Pop, a reaction to consumerism (the hip and cool).
Romare Bearden
Claes Oldenburg
James Rosenquist

Part 4  American Visions

5. Pop continued (the hip and cool, ironic, the cynical)
James Rosenquist
Andy Warhol

Part 5  American Visions

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If you want more education on late 20th century and early 21st century art,  in this classic video Robert Hughes looks back on his book, The Shock of the New, and updates his critical analysis. It is EXCELLENT and CONTROVERSIAL. I highly recommend it. Robert Hughes is honest and occasionally rants wonderfully and bravely. Hughes is loved and hated by artists and art historians.

The New Shock of the New